Spending the festive season in a corner of The Lamproom Theatre, Barnsley, you may be surprised to hear that events at Oakwell are never far from mind.

In a small corner of the theatre, we found ourselves at the stage in the story where Aladdin is trapped in the cave, locked in by his evil nemesis, Abanazar. Grasping the magic lamp, Aladdin releases The Genie.

The Genie appears and announces to Aladdin, "Aladdin, I may grant you three wishes, but before you make your first wish I must explain that there are three things that I cannot do". He paused for a moment.

"I can not grant you any more wishes, even my magic is not that powerful"

"I can not make somebody fall in love with you"

Before finally turning to the audience, The Genie Said, "and I can not get Barnsley promoted". The crowd chuckled.

One heckler screamed out, "But Mark Robins can!"

Suddenly for one moment, I've forgotten all about poor Aladdin's plight and I'm moved to agree with the heckler, becoming heckler No. 2 by retorting, "Yeah, he's right, Mark Robins will!".

Perhaps, the Reds have been under the radar for some time now. Maybe we might have become far more noticeable, but many Championship bosses could be forgiven for not listening when they were told, "He's behind you". Maybe that might not be the case in the second half of the season.

According to the Star, "Unbeaten run signals play-offs bid says Foster". The games in hand are critical in reducing the gap between us and seventh, but I believe Fozzy is speaking absolute sense.

Oh yes he is!!

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Ian Wilkinson

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