It's nearly Saturday 8th July.

Fans will soon get their opportunity to get their first glimpse of the Reds in action at Oakwell for some time Vs Stan's Ferencvaros.

Simon Davey begins his preparations for the season ahead.

Barnsley will soon launch their next assault on the English Championship. So what have we got in store for you?

Hardly `owt.

Well that's not exactly true, because in this episode we welcome a new contributor to the Podcast panel. We also reflect on the lack of activity and news out of the `well. Plus, we look ahead to the new season and some of the fixtures that lay ahead.

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Simon Cooper said...


Just like to talk about this pre season and last, i think that is where it started to go wrong for us. we had absolute rubbish results against clubs lower than us in the league. Then there was the drubbing by Wiggan (although after that game i said they would do ok in the prem cause they looked good). we were not fit but Davey kept insisting they were. then players were getting injured. well you have to put that down to the coaches. for me they are not good enough. they have made lots of mistakes. back then Davey kept insisting that pre season results did not matter. It was all about being ready and fit for the first game. Well im sorry but he was wrong, the fitness side should be sorted out up to the first pre season match and then the games are to work on playing together and set peices ect.

Foster has said so in his last interview, we need to get in to a winning mentallity and that starts pre season. Davey followed suit, which was nice to hear him say.

just on the hume injury, Davey has to take some of the blame, he played him as the target man that game and the players were instucted to knock the ball up to him, and it happened time after time.

the coaches at Barnsley have not been good enough foe quite a while now. years in fact. that is why players that have left have done well. our coaches could only get them to a certain level, others have taken them that bit further. Its obvious. they Developement coach could be a good thing, just as long as Davey will use these players now and again. last season Jamile adam should have been used as he was scoring in the reserves, we needed pace up front and it was there but they decided to bring in a tiny winger and play him as a center forward, (result 1 or 2 goals).

our team was not far off last season, there was only a blind man( or Davey) that did not know we just needed a big center forwad who had a football brain as a target men. the funny thing is i think our old Barry conlon would have done the job better than odigy but because of his goal against Chelsea he automatically got piccked for 52 games. incedentally when davey bought him he said he was a working progress and one for the future ring any bells. if sodji is one for the future why has he only got a 1 year contract.

Regards Simon.

Sos about any spelling mistakes and punctuation cant be arsed to corrected them.