It's that time of year when transfer rumour and speculation is rife. Perhaps you've recently heard something via a friend of a friend or work colleague, but almost always, it's the kind of story that is not necessarily in the mainstream press or via the club's arm of communication.

How much of this has any truth or basis is obviously questionable, but like many other fans it's nice to dream and wonder, we love the banter as much as any other group of fans.

To this aim, OnThePontyEnd has created a stream of such stories via Twibes, gained from numerous sources. These "mini-releases" may contain further player information or reveal the rumour source in more detail, but will be updated (permitting) during the transfer / loan window.

So, what is a Twibe?

A twibe is a group of Twitter users interested in a common topic, i.e. BFC Transfer Rumours, who would like to be able to communicate news they hear* with each other. On each Twibe's page, there is a list of Twibe members.

*We take no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of published rumours.

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