Today, as promised, I submitted a letter requesting further information from the Football League relating to the subject of the 1919 debacle, which failed to see Barnsley FC automatically promoted to the top tier of English Football. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: A demand for Justice: How did Barnsley fail to earn promotion in 1919?

In 1919, with the First World War over, expansion of First Division was on the agenda. Fans had been starved of football throughout the war years and the game's popularity was rising rapidly. It was felt there were two logical approaches. Either the two clubs due to be relegated from the first division should stay up, or the clubs that ended third and fourth in the second division should go up. Or there could be a combination – one of the two relegated clubs staying up and the third team coming up.

The top five in division 2 in 1915 were Derby, Preston, Barnsley, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal. The two teams due for relegation from the 1st division were Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea - both London teams.

Surely, 90 years is long enough for the football league to allow all supporters access to the information, relating to that day in 1919? Why were Arsenal promoted to the expanded 1st Division in 1919 when no reasonable method or discussion appears to be apparent?

Football League fans and in particular listeners & readers of, respectfully request answers from the Football League.

Yours faithfully,
Dedicated to Barnsley FC and it's fans

During the course of the close-season, I will keep you updated on any development, response or news that I receive on this issue.

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Ian Wilkinson

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