That's the popular phrase, but Reds fans might want to consider the following before completing the BBC's excellent Championship predictor.

For example; when dividing the current league table in to three groups, consisting of the Top eight, Middle eight and the remaining teams, Barnsley's points per game tally against opposition in the lowest group is not the greatest.

Versus Top eight opposition we average - 0.8 points* per game.

Against the next group, currently placed between 9th & 16th in the Championship we averaged - 1.9 points* per game. No other team in this group has performed better than Barnsley against teams in this group. Preston are nearest with 1.8 points*.

Finally in our back-yard, teams from 17th place to 24th, we averaged 1.2 points* per game. Only Norwich, Charlton and Plymouth have performed worse against this level of opposition.

Do your calculations - where will that put the Reds come May 3rd?

* Statistics derived from Football Anorak
Next week, I shall be testing the theory; Can Barnsley only score more than one goal in temperatures of over 4.5C, with a slight South Westerly breeze?

Is the World really round? and...

Would Oakwell "turn-up" at the corners if water was not applied by the ground staff at Half-Time?

See you later!

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Ian Wilkinson

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