An interesting debate ensued this evening. Not about Barnsley, but the current doom in which we all know about. The economy!

Where do you start?

One pal assured me that this situation (again not about our Football Club) is entirely false; because the real value of our situation was "invented" by credit notes given (in the past) to equal their worth in gold. That this "true" value had been ignored. Therefore everything could be explained as a fundamental problem of the past, rather than anything occuring now.

"B*ll*cks" I said intelligently. In a private room (nobody heard me... I just like saying it sometimes)... However "B*ll*cks Pal" I said, in full company, once more, to tempt an answer I could really understand.

Apparently, any price is "invented", it's "value" is based on demand.

There is a supply issue here then. For example, one Mike Sheron equals a Reuben Noble Lazurus, IF you take the games played ratio, versus the goals scored, shared by national column inches - plus the year within that story is being being written. For argument sake - this year 2009!

Let's buy shares then ..
  • KO could be our best risk yet
  • Bobby Hassell will Captain England (and I wish he would!)
  • Barnsley's record transfer in 2011 will equal, £50m pounds.
  • Oh and.... we will use our local talent to grow the average gate to above 15,000 fans - as quickly as we can.
Credit (once earned!) is due..

Come on Reds, it's our future at stake now. Tomorrow, will be harder without today!!

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Ian Wilkinson

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