TWITTER is apparently all the rage now, with many celebrity "officionados" now using this new service to keep fans up-to-date on Tour Dates, Book releases and other work commitments.

Whilst On the Ponty End is far from in this stratosphere, Twitter could be the solution to getting news fast - on the move - without profiting the expensive "text alert services". Twitter is by far the best mobile information service out there at the moment, giving you instant access to friends, family and other information whilst you are on the move via SMS alerts or even at your PC.

Half-time and full time scores for the Reds, transfer news, match reports and my occasional rants and attempts at humour are now there, regularly updated. And sometimes, why say a thousand words when just a few will do!

You're probably using it and loving it - then come and follow me, using it and puzzled by it - come along for the ride, given up on it - why not try again?, considering trying it or desperately attempting to ignore it - you've got nothing to lose and might prove you were right anyway!

With updates to the Twitter version of this blog as they happpen - On the Ponty End is now on Twitter
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Ian Wilkinson

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