COLACE may not have been awarded "Man-of-the-Match" today, but he epitomised everything about the Barnsley performance this afternoon.

Roy Keane - stand aside, this man was better in every department. His judgement, timing, distribution and nerve - took the Reds to another level today. And he nearly scored...

Facts aside, the Ref must have been substituted by the IRB, because - as I saw it, handling the ball is okay. Three times (at least) a shout was deserved. However, the only card came from a dispute Anderson had with the Ref against Damion Stewart, bizzare!!

Today the Reds played football with their heart. Every player deserved the applause; because, for a change, it seemed to matter. Especially Anderson, who walked to the Ponty End at the final whistle, gesturing (by tapping his arm), that Barnsley is in his blood - what more can you ask?

So many deserve a mention... Adam Hammill, Fozzy, Mosquito, Temouryan, Hassell, etc... etc...

Marvellous stuff Simon Davey - today, I love ya!
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