For all the negative "sooth-sayers" out there, they still have a shout; and deservedly so, on tonights performance.

However, one mistake that Davey has not made is in his selection and signing of Maltese Striker, Daniel Bogdanovic. My new Barnsley Hero! With a debutant goal and an attitude which should gratify the Barnsley faithful, I hope we all make him a firm-favourite and talisman for the seeemingly tough fixtures ahead.

To the performances themself; where do you start?

Four minutes of absolute jepordy, leading to 0-2; Barnsley were sickening. The spine of the team appeared to be "out-of-sync", within an "on paper" attacking midfield, our maestro "JCR" appeared to be too central and outside of his own very-capable influence. Unassisted by Anderson, who was hot and then cold, then cooler, then freezing and maybe got himself to being slightly defrosted on 90 minutes.

For me, Souza has had his most disappointing game at Oakwell. He looked leg-weary, breathless and was generally inaccurate in his measure and control of the opposition this evening. This isn't the character we know and I wonder if this is influenced by the absence of "Fozzy".

I began by praising Bogdanovic, as a shining light for the cause. It would be almost too tempting to begin the demolition of his team mates. However, Macken (his partner tonight) has got a creative edge to his game. On occasions he did demonstrate this tonight. Danny doesn't understand this yet and when Jonny played provider, there were a notable number of situations where Bogdanovic appeared to be off the pace.

Back on a brighter note:

  • The new lad is athletic, demonstrably passionate and he knows where the onion bag is. Definitely!
  • To his team mates, he is an unfamiliar comodity.

Regarding any remaining squad members who have not been mentioned, perhaps they just didn't strike me as news-worthy. However, one champion of mine, Bobby Hassell has had another great 90 minutes for the Reds tonight. He works, he tracks, he passes, he shoots..... and appears to care..!! Bogdanavic will learn and share a lot with "the Bobster" - I hope.

Open the wine Danny and share a glass with Bobby!
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