WITH Simon Whaley's loan spell up after today's game against Reading, Barnsley manager Simon Davey will speak with his club this weekend about the next move.

Davey says he intends contacting Alan Irvine, boss of Whaley's club Preston, over the weekend with the likelihood he'll pursue an extension.

"We have given Simon a chance to get back into league football," said Davey. "I remember him getting rave reviews as a young player at Bury and then going to Preston but he had just lost his way a bit."

The winger has played three times for the Reds with an injury forcing him to miss two of the games. He was credited with one of the goals in the 3-2 win over Burnley when his shot was deflected.

Barnsley are to drop match-day tickets by £1 - starting with the game against Plymouth on December 20. This follows the VAT reduction and the effects of the general economic climate.
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