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BARNSLEY'S Iain Hume was today discharged from hospital as his club accused the FA of “big-club bias."

The authorities confirmed yesterday they will not punish Sheffield United's Chris Morgan for the horror challenge which left Hume, 25, with a fractured skull.

The striker spent two further nights in hospital after being readmitted on Monday with an infection but he is now continuing his recovery at home.

Barnsley are considering legal action and claimed the FA would have acted if a more illustrious player had been the victim.

Tykes Simon Davey said: “I am angry and disappointed.

"I think that they’ve let down Iain Hume badly and let down Barnsley Football Club.

“I think that had it been Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, the decision they gave would have been different.”

Barnsley owner Patrick Cryne added: “The two people who should have been punished have got away with it.

"Chris Morgan is still playing football and Andy D’Urso is still refereeing.

“It has not ended for Iain Hume, he has suffered a serious injury which is career-threatening and was life-threatening.

“He and his advisers need to decide their next action. Barnsley Football Club has supported Iain throughout this and will continue to do so.”
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