How dare we?

This time out, the Wednesday'ites bought their 'obligatory 3 points per season ticket'... and lost! - stamped, Patrick Cryne  - DENIED!

Regardless of the scoreline, Wednesday got hammered! We were sharper, more skillful, adventurous in our play, antagonistic in our support and incidentally, one goal better off than them in the end.

Tonight, Roy Hattersley, and erm.... and erm... oh and Gary Megson. Your boys got a right battering.

As massive side's go, you've been on the Slimming World diet for far too long now; you were not Chelsea or Liverpool tonight. This was not our 'Cup Final'. Although I do expect a BIG turnout next time, when we come to collect our remaining three points from your shower-o-s.

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Ian Wilkinson

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