Dear Ol' Ear `Ole,

May I take this opportunity to praise, Ching-He Huang, for her fantastic BBC series, "Chinese Food: Made Easy".

I have been glued to the set on a weekly basis, in order to catch her regular guide to making these tasty treats. She has such a "sunny" personality and should be commended for her efforts to involve all areas of the community in her programmes.

She is an example to us all.

In this spirit, I recently contacted one of our local restaurants, to share some of Ching-He's tips. And I can tell you this: I will not bother again!

Not only did they decline my generous offer, but the lady who answered the phone, sounded very aggressive and pretended not to understand me.

To add further insult to injury; they recently posted "their" menu through my letterbox. In it, they claim that they "specialise" in cooking these types of dishes. Even though - they are identical to the recipes - I recommended to them.

Their so-called "Take Away" concept has really taken off, franchising similar services in every high street across the UK. Many of my friends & neighbours tell me that they regularly enjoy meals cooked by these charlatans.

I am inconsolable. I have been left feeling hurt and abused by these people. I'm sure Miss Huang would not approve!

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Ian Wilkinson

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